• “Getting people to experience water sports is the key to success.”
    Three questions for Dirk Kreidenweiss, Project Director of INTERBOOT in Friedrichshafen
  • Lift-off: Thundercats fly over waves on Lake Constance
    Thundercat Racing held for first time in Friedrichshafen at INTERBOOT – Fifth running of spectator magnet Liquid Quarter Mile
  • INTERBOOT 2009 focuses on the fun of water sports
    Trends for 2010 season presented in 8 halls – Special high-tech yacht show – Sporting events and product testing in the harbour – New: KITEWORLD EUROPE on 2nd weekend
  • INTERBOOT 2008: a big show for the world of watersports
    International Watersports Exhibition in Friedrichshafen ends after nine days: 92,700 visitors on the trade show grounds - 35,000 watersports fans flocked to the INTERBOOT harbor on Lake Constance - Partner country Cuba was a star attraction
  • INTERBOOT Ladies Match Cup: Deserving victory for Denmark
    INTERBOOT Ladies Match Cup: Exciting finale at the water front in Friedrichshafen - paramount winner of the entire races is called Lotte Meldgaard Pedersen
  • The water sports industry
    Increasing Demand for Yachts - Swiss boat industry reports sales of 200 million francs

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