INTERBOOT 2008: a big show for the world of watersports

International Watersports Exhibition in Friedrichshafen ends after nine days: 92,700 visitors on the trade show grounds - 35,000 watersports fans flocked to the INTERBOOT harbor on Lake Constance - Partner country Cuba was a star attraction

Friedrichshafen, Germany - Watersports are great fun. For nine days, the 47th INTERBOOT in Friedrichshafen, with its 554 exhibitors from 26 countries, offered a broad international platform for everyone who sees being out on the water as “pure pleasure”. This year, the International Watersports Exhibition featured Cuba as its partner country and attracted 92,700 paying visitors.

An additional 35,000 took advantage of the free admission at the INTERBOOT harbor to dive into the world of watersports and take test rides on new boats. During the nine trade show days, tens of thousands of visitors enjoyed the sports program with a wide range of competitions on the shoreline promenade.

INTERBOOT brings together an extensive international watersports network. On the exhibition grounds, in the harbor and on Lake Constance, watersports fans could simply climb on board. “At this event, coming on board and taking a test ride is the best way to win over new customers and fill them with enthusiasm for watersports” said Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann and Project Manager Dirk Kreidenweiss, who were delighted with the huge response to the show that attracted visitors from all age groups. Test rides are becoming increasingly popular among watersports fans: “Considerably more exhibitors’ boats are in the harbor for a short test ride on Lake Constance. Customers are using these opportunities more often and they are delighted.”

The exhibiting companies see INTERBOOT as an important sales and marketing platform. The watersports exhibition is an international event thanks in part to its location in southern Germany near the boarders of Austria and Switzerland. Many of the boats sold here are sent directly to the Mediterranean.

According to a survey by an independent market research institute, over 80 percent of the visitors participate in watersports because “being in the great outdoors” is important to them and because they can “really relax” with family, their partners or friends. It is “simply fun” said 60 percent of those surveyed when asked to cite their motivation for taking to the water. Exhibitors rated the caliber of the trade show visitors as excellent. This was confirmed by a survey of visitors: 82 percent of those questioned actively partake in watersports or are closely connected to it because they come along for the ride. 35 percent of these respondents regularly sail on the Mediterranean and the remainder take boat trips on the inland lakes of southern Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Visitors take a good amount of time to visit the halls: 60 percent plan four to six hours to see the show. The response at the end was positive: 94 percent of the visitors surveyed rated the watersports exhibition as “excellent” or “good”.

The next INTERBOOT will take place 19-27 September 2009 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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