INTERBOOT 2009 focuses on the fun of water sports

Trends for 2010 season presented in 8 halls – Special high-tech yacht show – Sporting events and product testing in the harbour – New: KITEWORLD EUROPE on 2nd weekend

At the 48th INTERBOOT trade fair in Friedrichshafen (19th to 27th September 2009), it’s all about “jumping into the pure pleasure of water sports”. On the exhibition grounds and at INTERBOOT Harbour, visitors will get to see and test the coming season’s new products. “At INTERBOOT, we really focus on the fun of water sports,” explains INTERBOOT Project Director Dirk Kreidenweiss. “Our aim is to get as many people as possible out on the water to get them excited about this kind of recreation.”

Some 500 exhibitors from 25 countries will be highlighting every aspect of water sports in eight exhibition halls. At the INTERBOOT Harbour on Lake Constance, visitors will also have the chance to try out the latest watercraft. “During an economic downturn, it’s particularly important for us as the trade fair organizer to invest in the industry; to pull together with our exhibiting partners and to bring the water sporting experience to consumers,” emphasises Messe Friedrichshafen Director Klaus Wellmann. “This is why we’ve incorporated nearby Lake Constance and turned it into a trial course. At the INTERBOOT Harbour, more than 100 exhibitors will have their boats available for trial driving, an opportunity that is increasingly popular among visitors.” From its location in the sales-rich tri-country region of Switzerland, Austria and Germany, the water sports exhibition on Lake Constance is also an important international sales platform for yachts and boats to Mediterranean-based buyers.

Market overview and the water sporting experience
Sailing yachts and motorised yachts, electric boats, inflatable boats, yawls, canoes, kayaks, marine engines, electronics, marine equipment and accessories: Europe’s leading brands - including Bavaria, Bénéteau, Dufour, Elan, Hallberg-Rassy, Jeanneau, Nimbus, Sessa, Sunbeam and Windy – will be represented in Friedrichshafen by manufacturers, importers and stockists, offering visitors a comprehensive market overview. A special show featuring exclusive individual items will highlight the latest inspiring technologies and designs. Meanwhile, the marine travel business will awaken holiday desires, the ‘underwater world’ will beckon at the Diving Centre, while Exhibition Lake will be transformed into a water sports playground for children with a wide variety of trial driving opportunities and hands-on fun. In addition, powerful racing boats will streak along the waterfront in the Liquid Quarter Mile and Thundercat Racing competitions.

The kite surfing craze
On the second INTERBOOT weekend (Friday, 25th to Sunday, 27th September 2009), the increasingly popular sport of kite surfing will have its own trade fair platform called KITEWORLD EUROPE. In Hall A6, visitors will be able to find out about the new sport and get visual instruction from the pros.

Fun on the water
On all nine trade fair days, surfing, kiting, waterskiing and wakeboarding enthusiasts will head to Hall A5 for a comprehensive array of equipment, accessories and clothing. The scene will gather in the Chill Area with its Coca-Cola Beach Club to talk about the latest trends and exchange tips and tricks. On both INTERBOOT weekends, the Wakeboard Jam on Lake Constance will again feature top talents presenting their exciting sport and showing off their incredible skills.

Boatbuilding from classic to cutting-edge
At their shared booth in Hall A3, the dockyards of Lake Constance will demonstrate the high art of boatbuilding. In the course of the trade fair, the Michelsen Dockyard will replank a ‘national cruiser’ with a 75 sq m sail surface. Meanwhile, the Speedwave Dockyard will present its new Daysailer. Last year at INTERBOOT, Speedwave exhibited a model of the vessel; this year, the innovative dockyard will celebrate the full-scale Daysailer’s premiere at the booth.

High-tech yachts in the INTERBOOT Harbour
The past will meet the present at a special exhibition of exclusive one-off high-tech yachts that will take place in the INTERBOOT Harbour directly next to another exhibition of vintage boats. State-of-the-art technologies and materials such as carbon fibre will also be presented.

Jump into water sporting in a KISS boat
Hop on board and off you go! At the INTERBOOT Harbour, the Gondola Harbour and the Yacht Harbour, visitors will have the opportunity to take out inflatable boats, yawls, kayaks and canoes out on trial voyages. “Just like the KISS slogan – ‘Keep it small and simple’ -, we want to show interested novices how easy and uncomplicated it is to get out and enjoy yourself on the water,” explains Dirk Kreidenweiss.

Trial driving on Lake Constance
In order for potential buyers to have the chance to test the boats thoroughly, a wide range of exhibiting manufacturers will make about 100 vessels available for trial driving. The testing area will be freely accessible to visitors every day until 7 P.M., and a bus shuttle service to and from the exhibition grounds will be available. And those looking for a pleasant lakeside spot at the end of the day will be right at home here.

The need for speed
Fans of high-powered speedboats will have two highlights to look forward to along Friedrichshafen’s boardwalk. Every day (except Wednesday) from 5 P.M. to 7 P.M. at the highly popular Liquid Quarter Mile event, racers will put their speedboats to the test in exciting duels.

New this year is the Thundercat Racing event, where all eyes will be on high-performance boats jumping the waves and accelerating with tremendous speed. Each boat is crewed by a pilot and a co-pilot. Expert skill, teamwork and a good eye for the waves will be the determining factors for success at this show competition to be held on the waterfront on the first INTERBOOT weekend. Also on the harbour agenda will be the presentation of the INTERBOOT Trophy and the BodenseeCup for MS 11 powerboats.

Diving deep
The world beneath the water will reveal itself to visitors in Hall A4. Stockists, diving schools, diving destinations, clubs and associations will be on hand with diving equipment, accessories, advice and other information. This is where the German, Austrian and Swiss diving scenes get together and share their experiences. It’s also where those interested in getting into diving can jump into the diving tank under expert supervision to get a taste of what it’s like down below. The Württemberg State Diving Association and the Baden Diving Club will be available to answer enquiries. Each day, various diving techniques will be demonstrated in the diving tank.

Marine travel business spreads the travel bug
Also in Hall A4, the marine travel business will provide information about top destinations for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re interested in taking a diving course, setting out on a sailing voyage, a river excursion or powerboat tour in Germany, Europe or beyond, a host of tour operators, countries and regions will be on hand to present the ideal holiday destinations and water sporting districts. A newly added feature is the Caribbean and South Seas cooking event, where visitors can take part in preparing and enjoying exotic meals. Meanwhile at the marine travel business’ Charter Forum, visitors can find competent, impartial info about which destinations are best suited to which water sporting activities, and get tailored travel planning support.

A marine marketing platform from Switzerland
Water sports exhibitors from the strongest national contingent from outside Germany will present Swiss precision and design at their large common booth in Hall B1. Boesch Motorboote (Kilchberg), Brunnert-Grimm (Gottlieben), Hochmuth Bootsbau (Stansstad) and War Bootbau & Boothandel AG (Adligenswil) are just a few of the well-established companies that have been attracting Swiss visitors for years. Once again, free admission to INTERBOOT will apply to all women from Switzerland on Thursday. As an added highlight, the reigning Miss Switzerland has already confirmed her attendance. The Combi-Ticket will once again make the journey to INTERBOOT from Switzerland easier. The Combi-Ticket is valid for travel by train to Romanshorn, by ferry to Friedrichshafen, as well as for transferring from these points to the exhibition grounds. Upon arrival, it also entitles the holder to a ten-percent discount on the price of admission to INTERBOOT.

Young innovative companies with creative products
Creativity is the key to success. At a common booth, a group of ten young innovative companies will present their new products. The companies received funding from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, and Messe Friedrichshafen provided them with a complimentary booth.

A water sports playground for kids
The 4700 sq m (50,000 sq ft) Exhibition Lake will be transformed into a water sports playground for kids. Children under 10 years of age can have their first boating experience while earning their Exhibition Lake Certificates in an inflatable boat on their way to becoming real little first mates. Young INTERBOOT visitors can also take the rudder of integrated ‘mini 12er’ sailboats, and together with disabled visitors cross Exhibition Lake in uncapsizable, unsinkable sailboats. In addition, INTERBOOT will have its own nautically themed kindergarten, open daily at the Hall A2/A3 entrance.

Water sports camp for youth
The INTERBOOT Youth Camp promises two eventful days on and under the water on September 26th and 27th 2009. Diving, wakeboarding, sailing and speedboating: For the 8th year, INTERBOOT has put together an exciting programme for youths between 12 and 18. “We’re particularly concerned with actively fostering young boaters,” explains Project Director Dirk Kreidenweiss. “Working together with the clubs and associations, we’re completely committed to getting across the pure pleasure of water sports to young people.” This year, the INTERBOOT team is once again expecting about 100 youths from all over southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland to take part.

Opening hours
INTERBOOT is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and runs from Saturday 19th to Sunday 27th, September 2009. The INTERBOOT Harbour is open daily until 7 p.m. Free shuttle busses will take visitors from the airport, the train station, the ferry docks, the INTERBOOT Harbour and the parking lots to the exhibition grounds and back.

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